Senior Story: Dedication and Commitment

It’s always mile 23 where I want to give up the most. “My body’s given up, and my mind is exhausted. But every year, I remember the effort and time I put into my training. The waking up at 3 a.m. for races, the grueling practices, and the multiple injuries suffered throughout the season. I see my bedroom wall decorated with shining medals, and how I smile when I touch their cool surface. I think of my teammate, who ran ahead to look for a cup of water for me. Those seven months of training, are they all in vain?

Definitely not. Through SRLA and the marathon, I’ve learned the value of dedication and responsibility and making a commitment to a goal -- dropping out just isn’t an option. These qualities inspired me to apply to colleges I was intimidated by. I’ve learned that I’m more than capable of handling the workload, the academics, and the time I would have to invest. No matter how many times I’d fallen, I always picked myself up and kept on going. If there’s something that I had to say I learned from Students Run LA, it is determination, self-discipline, and perseverance. These lessons broke down my body and mind multiple times but they also put me back together stronger than before. And equally as important is the fact I learned that I don’t have to rely only on myself. I had the best teammates and Leaders anyone could’ve asked for -- from my running buddy, who partnered with me through three marathons, to my coach who helped me deal with my depression and anxiety. With these acquired skills, I know I’ll be able to succeed in any college community I commit to.

Citlalli is a 2019 SRLA Scholarship recipient and will be sure to use it as she attends Dartmouth college this fall. To make a donation to support the next class of SRLA runners to help them work towards their goals like Citlalli did, please click here.

Christine Pajak