Katia and Edgar: In It for the Long Run

Edgar and I met through the Students Run LA program at Fulton College Prep when we were twelve years old. Our coach, David Arbogast, encouraged us to try something new and train for a full marathon.

The race that started our friendship was the 2008 Hansen Dam Friendship Run. I ran into Edgar at mile 17. He had a merciless hamstring cramp that forced him to slow down and walk. The moment I caught up to him and I realized a teammate of mine was walking, I began to encourage him to finish the race with me. We ran a slow jog into the finish line. From that moment on, we instantly clicked and our friendship began. Edgar has been my anchor throughout many races. He helped me improve as a runner and a person.

Soon after high school, SRLA had made a large impact on our lives that we both decided to continue making a difference in our community. I continued volunteering for SRLA while attending California State University, Northridge. Edgar left to San Francisco to get his degree in Visual Effects at the Academy of Art University. He decided to come back to Los Angeles and volunteer in SRLA while finishing his schooling online.

The day before the 2016 LA Marathon, Edgar surprised me by coming over to my house. He then expresses how his feelings towards me have grown. On the Los Angeles Valentine’s Day Marathon, he surprises me again on the finish line with a warm hug and a rose! I realized that moment how I much I care and love him as a person. Later that day, he asked me on a date and I instantly said yes! We were both nervous but excited to see what the future had in store for us.

As the years have gone by, we continued participating in SRLA due to our love of running and seeing the change it makes on each student. Coach Arbogast was a great influence on our motivation and commitment to the program. It is safe to say, SRLA has made a large impact on both our lives. We are thankful for the opportunity SRLA has provided us when we were young and we hope to continue being leaders and inspire the younger generation to train with us. Our coach is gone, but we have continued to keep the program alive at Fulton College Prep by providing an opportunity for others.


Soon after the 2017-2018 marathon season, Edgar and I took a trip to Oregon to celebrate his college graduation. The trip consisted of hiking, running, and food venturing! On day two, Edgar took me on a hike and soon after proposed next to a beautiful waterfall. I said yes! It’s not every day that you find the love of your life through SRLA twelve years ago! Edgar is my best friend, running partner, and motivational coach in which I am excited to live the rest of my life with. Running has brought us together and we have SRLA to thank for that. SRLA is a program we believe in and hope to help develop as the years to come. The program continues to grow and that is beyond exciting!

In July of 2019 Edgar and Katia celebrated their wedding and became Mr. and Mrs. Lopez. They are currently Marathon Leaders at their alma mater.

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