Senior Story: Leadership and Team Work

Students Run Los Angeles is a program that has helped me so much in becoming a leader. I’ve been running with SRLA for 4 years now, recently running the LA Marathon in March! This program hasn’t just helped me physically but it has also helped me mentally. I joined this program during my freshman year of high school and I liked it so therefore I decided to keep on doing it until my senior year. I’ve learned so much from it especially from my coaches who always motivated me and had an eye out there for me.

A majority of people who have never run a marathon say it’s “easy” but in reality, it isn’t because it takes a lot of practice and a good state of mind to not give up and keep on going until you reach that finish line. My coaches would be a huge motivation for me as they always pushed me to go for more and to do better. From the moment I joined I felt like it was going to be impossible for me to finish 26.2 miles but in reality, all the practice and effort I put into it helped me so much to finish it in 4 hours and 16 minutes. The motivation and atmosphere I was getting from everyone during that run was immense as it kept me going, it was something I really liked from the people that were out there supporting the SRLA community. As I was being motivated that didn’t stop me from helping other individuals by telling them to keep on going and simply finish what they started because they didn’t just work hard for nothing.

As a leader, I really like to help and give my full support to those who surround me as I want to see them succeed and not be left behind. I always like to make sure that they are comfortable and don’t feel like they are being left out, one for all and, all for one. In SRLA it’s all about teamwork and motivating each other out as a group making sure we get the job done. I wouldn’t have been able to become a leader if it weren’t for my coaches who have always been my #1 supporters from the moment I started.

Angel will continue to be a motivated leader as he attends CalState Dominguez this fall with a 2019 SRLA Scholarship to help him achieve his academic dreams. Angel is also the recipient of a special $500 Honda Dream Scholarship. American Honda, in recognition of its 60th Anniversary and partnership with Students Run LA, awarded 45 SRLA students who applied for the Honda Dream Scholarship a special one-time $500 scholarship this year.

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Christine Pajak