Pedro: Running to a Healthier Life

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My name is Pedro and I am currently a sophomore at John F. Kennedy High School. Growing up. I always struggled with my weight. People at my school would always comment about my it. I would get bullied actually for being of a heavier weight. I would get called fat and sometimes it would hurt, but those same people saw my change in my weight when I started running. As a 5th grader I was at risk of becoming diabetic. My doctor told my mother that if I didn’t change my teen years would be a challenge for me. I would find a way to lose some weight but I never saw any changes in myself.

When I entered 7th grade I found out about SRLA. It was in March when the SRLA kids were going to do the marathon . I loved the idea of running so I wanted to try it out. I started off by running a 5k outside of school and I completely fell in love with the runners high after that. I proceeded to run and train with SRLA during my 8th grade year. I saw changes in my body immediately. I would get compliments from all over my school and even from teachers.

When my mom saw that I was encouraged to change myself she wanted the whole family to join. She learned how to make meals healthier and we would go out to the park every single day. My mom wanted the whole family to support me and be a part of my journey as well. Since my mom is my only guardian, she always wished the best for me. So when she saw that I wanted to change she went and helped me so much. She was very supportive of my decisions and helped me choose the best path to where I am today.

I want to become a plastic surgeon when I grow up.I want to go to Brown University in Rhode Island and be part of there surgeon department.

I was so inspired by SRLA that I’ve been with SRLA for 3 years and plan for many more years . SRLA has been a big part of my journey and I will do everything to encourage others to join SRLA and show them the amazing family that is created with the love of running . 

My SRLA coach has impacted me in such a big way. She always asks each student how they are or if there is anything wrong with how they feel or how they run. She is always be open ears and open heart. She is a big reason of my change and she will continue to inspire me throughout my high school years.