Aurora: Step by Step


My name is Aurora and I am a senior at Bell High School. This is my second year running with SRLA. This program has made me see that you can reach your goal step by step.

At first I thought I could never run a marathon; it seems so hard for some people. Next thing you know I am training for the marathon. Last year I completed my first marathon. Seeing my uncle and my cousin at the Mile 26 water station made me break down and cry. I couldn’t handle the pain of my body. So he ran that little part with me from the water station to the barricade fence. The only thing that kept me going was his support and my mom waiting at the finish line.

The moment when I cross the finish line I realized everyone can do what they think they can’t. Anyone can conquer anything, you just have to believe in yourself.

Thanks to SRLA, my life and education has also been impacted. I have always struggle through English. Spanish was my first language. I have never really had advanced vocabulary even till this grade level, I would always think most people are born smart or just so good with advanced vocabulary words. But it probably took them a long time to get that advanced in vocabulary. It took them little by little just like running a marathon; you train and keep training. All I had to do is keep reading, highlighting, and searching up the meaning of the word. I have been doing this with articles and I’m getting there little by little. I found out many words that mean a simple thing can be said in a fancy way. This step by step can really send me towards success.

I remember seeing my cousin run SRLA for one year in middle school. I never understood the program that she was in or had any idea what it was called until I found out at the end of 8th grade. I was determined to find SRLA once I got into high school freshman year. I got a application but didn’t turn it in until junior year came along. I was scared to go alone freshman year. I loved running but never had the guts to go on alone. But junior year I went all on my own and I met new people. Then I wasn’t all alone.

After high school I plan going to college close by my hometown. Hopefully I will have time and become a SRLA leader at my high school.

The first marathon is always the hardest, but the  pain is all in the mind. My advice to first timers is that It’s not a bad thing to walk but the less you walk the better. Try getting a little bit of water in every station possible, you will need it later on.


Mr.Sanchez my SRLA leader has been the best coach. My first SRLA year I was able to depend on him for everything. If I had running questions I could go to him, if I had math problems that I didn’t understand he would help me. I remember a Saturday morning before the marathon he woke up early, made us run, and made us breakfast. Elizabeth Learning Center joined us on our run and breakfast. This year is my second year and Mr. Sanchez gave me a privilege to be captain of my SRLA family. During this year, he has trained our SRLA family to become faster and thanks to him I improved from a 10 minute mile last year to a 9 minute mile. This year has been amazing so far but it will be even better when I cross that finish line. 

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