Bianca: Answers to Life


Hi I’m Bianca! I’m just an ordinary 17 year old junior at Magnolia Science Academy 1, just trying to figure out the answers to life.  SRLA was one of the answers to life that would change everything . 

This is my first year in SRLA and just being in SRLA for only a couple of months let me tell you it has made a huge impact in my life, by not only making me a morning person but seeing that anyone can cross the finish line no matter who you are. You can be 10 years old or even 80 years old and cross the finish line. It shows that nothing is impossible if you put your mind and dedication into it. If you put yourself in the right mindset by thinking something simple as “I can do this,” “I will finish strong,” or even “I’ve made it this far why give up now”.

That’s not all, SRLA has made an impact on how I run. Before SRLA, I used to run alone by my house. I would run a couple of streets, then would come back home but it was already dark . When I joined SRLA I get to started running in the mornings or after school. I wasn’t alone, I was surrounded with people who had the same goal as me. I never thought I be  would running for fun until I had couple of friends that had ran the marathon before. The shared their experiences and that it wasn't easy at first but with dedication they made it look so easy. Thanks SRLA for making a HUGE difference in my life.

Senior year  is just around the corner, then college. I had been trying to figure out what I was going to do with my life before I joined SRLA. I had no plans for the future until now.  My friends and family inspired me to join SRLA . My plans after high school is hopefully to continue running and to go to college at either CSUN or FDIM. I really want to drive more when graduate so I can help my mom and brother more.

After I graduate, I hope to continue to follow my dreams and never give up.My SRLA coach made a difference in my experience. He always tells me not give up and gave me the  opportunity to run. Without my coach , I don't know where I would be, probably still running in the streets, with no directions.

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