Joceline: On Her Way to Becoming a SRLA Superstar

IMG_E1509 - Joceline Bojorquez.jpg

My name is Joceline and I have chosen to do the SRLA Superstar Challenge for Students Run LA (SRLA).

I am a senior attending Robert Fulton College Prep and this is my first year training for the Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon. For many years, I've heard about SRLA but I had never put my mind to it until now.

I decided to start running with SRLA not just to get fit but for the commitment that comes with it. I've always wanted to commit to something and I think SRLA is it. It's taught me to be responsible from the first days of practice and the importance of attending every race at the time given even if that means getting up at 5 AM for morning practice or waiting outside my school for the bus to take us to the races.

IMG_1510 - Joceline Bojorquez.jpg

Although I'm not a morning person I've managed to wake up at 5 AM and prepare myself for school right after. This made me realize what commitment really is and it made me commit myself to those practices to prepare myself for what will eventually lead to the big 26.2 miles.

Running a marathon will make me feel very accomplished and make me feel proud of myself, which is why I decided to take on such a huge task. I'm not only running to accomplish something, but to gain experience from it and to tell people that I have accomplished something so difficult that no individual can just do it; it takes dedication, blood, and sweat. Sometimes balancing school and committing to run every day can become a bit tough but I know that I have my team and my very special coaches to help me, motivate me, and push me to continue and finish to the very end.

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