Brittney and Janet: Sisters that Run Together

Hello, my name is Brittney. I am a 7th grader at Sun Valley Magnet School. This is my first year in SRLA and I’m nervous because I have never run long distances in my life. I’m also nervous because I know I can get injured at some point while running. The good thing is that I have my sister by my side running with me. Her name is Janet and she is a 9th grader at Sun Valley Magnet School.

Our SRLA experience so far has been challenging, but at the same time it is amazing. We have meet new people that have participated in SRLA before that give us info about SRLA. They have told us that there is a wall we have to beat during the Marathon, a wall that tells us that we can no longer continue running because it is difficult, and I think my sister and I are up for it.

I love to run so I decided to join SRLA. Yes, I know that running is not everyone’s favorite thing in the world, but I will do my best to be ready for the Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon!! One of my SRLA coaches, Mr. Burrell, was my 6th grade teacher. He told me that I am a good runner and that I should join SRLA because he had seen me run in Track & Field. The next day I thought about it and I made my choice. I wanted to be in SRLA. I wanted to cross the finish line at the Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon. I believe that I will cross that finish line.

Janet, on the other hand, does not like running as much as I do. Every year she would hear that the LA Marathon was 26.2 miles, but it never seemed to catch her attention. She never imagined herself running that many miles until she was in 8th grade, and she decided to join SRLA in 9th grade. She is determined to finish the LA Marathon. In the past few years, she saw a couple of people at school with their medals, which represented that they had finished the 26.2 miles. This also encouraged her to join SRLA.

When I train with my teammates, I always tell myself to not give up no matter what. When I went to our first Saturday run, I did a really good job if I may say so myself. I always listen to music when I run. When I train with my teammates it is really fun because we run together. I have so much fun running but I do not always like that my friends like to race each other. Sometimes I don’t race with them because I want to finish the run at my own pace. In my first race, the SRLA Kickoff 5K, I liked that I got to cross the finish line with my sister and my best friend.

Janet says her first Saturday run was very hard and tiring, but she managed to finish it. She loves Saturday runs because the places we go to are beautiful. During the week, training seems to be tough because she receives crazy amounts of homework. Because of this, she isn’t always able to go to practice.

The part we both fear most about some of the courses is the hills. When it comes to hills, we push ourselves to continue running up the hill that seems to be never ending. We can’t wait for the Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon!! A big thanks to the schools that gave our SRLA team extra spots. I am so happy that I can now cross the finish line with my sister and my best friend. I hope we can do SRLA next year!! GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!!

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