Bryan: Never Give Up

My experience with SRLA has been awesome. I decided to join the SRLA because it seemed fun and all of my friends also joined. What made me want to run a marathon was my family; I wanted to make my family proud and show everybody that I love to be challenged.

I love training with my team. Our coach Bernie is awesome. We train three times out of the week and sometimes we meet at the park. One challenge is that some kids are faster than me, but the good thing is that I never give up. One of the hardest challenges this season was that we lost one of our Coaches, Mr. Carmona. It was hard for us to run without him but we decided to run for him. One of the things he told us was never to give up.

Since joining SRLA, I have made a lot of friends. I feel like my SRLA team is my second family. We are always together no matter what. I am trying to convince my sister to join us next year. I am the first one in the family to join SRLA and I love it.

One of the things that has changed since I joined SRLA is that my grades are getting better. I had never dreamed of running a marathon, but now I cannot wait. I now eat healthier and go to bed earlier so I can have the strength to run. I feel good after running.

My advice is to always practice, always give your best, and like my coach always said, never give up.

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