Frank: It’s a Lifestyle

My name is Frank Soledad and my journey so far with SRLA has been glorious. At the start of the season I didn’t think I would make it past my first 5K. The whole race I had my Leader Ekyaer with me. I wanted to give up but he gave me support along the way.

I decided to join Students Run LA because my leader had a run club last year that I wanted to participate in but was too late. That club led to the start of SRLA at my school. My best memory so far is saying that the 5k was the toughest race ever and now saying that 13 miles are a piece of cake.

Running has made me feel more productive, happy, and full of life. In the mornings, I am excited to go to school knowing that in the afternoon I will have my next SRLA practice. I now get more sleep because I am tired from runs and I eat a lot more protein.

Running around the streets of Los Angeles is the most relaxing feeling. I especially love going to the hidden parts of Los Angeles because it makes me feel like there is a lot to L.A. I love the scenery and the sounds of the streets when I run. My biggest challenge is hills, which is why I’m training my best.

The best running advice I have ever been given was to take it easy; there is no need to rush because it’s not a one day thing, it’s a lifestyle.


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