SRLA Superstar Challenge

Are you an SRLA Superstar? We want to recognize students who consistently go the extra mile in every aspect of their lives.

Criteria do be an SRLA Superstar:

• Have perfect attendance at school (may not miss a day or class for the duration of the SRLA 2018 - 2019 season)
• Earn at least a B in every subject area in which you are enrolled at school
• Help a student at your school who you DO NOT know to complete a goal or school project
• Complete every official SRLA training event including the Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon with a pace of under 16 minutes-per-mile

• 2 Blogs
-Introductory statement that identifies what you hope to gain from your SRLA experience.
-Reflective statement at the end of the season that identifies the key lessons that you learned from being an SRLA Superstar. Submit AFTER the Marathon,

• Coordinate your group's efforts in at least 3 of the 6 SRLA Cares activities and meet at least 3 of the following collection goals:
- 100 pounds of recyclables for "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!"
- 100 dollars for "Every Penny Counts!"
- 100 cans of food for "Yes We CAN!"
- 100 toys or school supplies for "Bring Joy with a Toy and Be Cool to a School!"
- 100 items (10 packets with a minimum of 10 items per packet) for "Supplies Us with Paper Products!"
- 100 pounds of pasta for "Pasta to Make a Difference!"

We encourage all SRLA students to take the SRLA Superstar challenge!

Contact Harry at for more information.