Meet Monique!

Monique is an 8th Grader at Los Nietos Middle School, she completed her first marathon with SRLA last year. Last Sunday she completed the Dodgers Foundation 5K, the first step in the journey to completing her second Los Angeles Marathon. Monique will be sharing her progress with the SRLA community all season long.

Monique - about to begin the Dodgers Foundation 5K

Monique - about to begin the Dodgers Foundation 5K

What inspired you to join SRLA this year?

The challenge of completing the LA Marathon inspired me to join SRLA.

What is one thing you learned from running the marathon?

I learned to never give up and to accomplish something you have to have the right mindset.

What is one thing you enjoyed at the LADF 5K?

One thing I enjoyed at the LADF 5k was the bobble head that we got when we finished.

What are 3 goals you had for the LADF 5K?

My 3 goals were to have a good pace, run the entire 3 miles and finish at a fast time.

What are 3 goals you have for the SRLA season?

My 3 goals for this SRLA season are to run a fast pace, stay fit, and finish the LA Marathon in a faster time than last year.

Anything else you would like to share about the LADF 5K?

I would like to share that the views were astonishing during the run.


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