Jonathan: Overcoming Obstacles

Jonathan is senior at Animo Jackie Robinson. He has just began his 4th year training to run the marathon with Students Run LA. He reflects on the impact the program has had on his high school experience.

The reason why I decided to return to SRLA is because I want to challenge myself one more time before I head off to college.

For me, running is my stress reliever. Running helps me reduce my stress, my anxiety, and it helps me physically and mentally. After running my first marathon, I felt like I was able to overcome any obstacle heading my way. It helped me set goals in my education.

Before hearing about SRLA I wasn’t a good student. I would come late to school most of the time. I wasn’t very energetic at school and most of the time, I would turn in homework late.

During my 7th grade year, I wanted to try something challenging. Little did I know I made it into the team very nervous and scared. I never thought that running the marathon was going to help me succeed in life. Now that I’ve ran it 3 times, I plan on joining again to run it for my fourth time.

Whenever I feel overwhelmed with homework or just feel very stressed out, I encourage my mom or dad to run with me to release all the stress that I have inside of me.

As I head off to college, I still plan on running or join a running club to help me out with my stress and anxiety. During the years that I didn’t do, SRLA I felt stressed out to the max. I ran on my own whenever I had time but I would mostly be packed with loads of homework in one night. I plan on also encouraging others to do the same thing or find something that helps them release all the stress they have.  

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