Alondra: Running Relaxes Me


My name is Alondra and I am in eighth grade and preparing to run my second Marathon. I joined SRLA last year because I personally love running and my P.E. teachers always encouraged me to join.

I am excited to reach my goal of running the marathon in four and a half hours this year and also to meet new people. I am nervous about potentially getting injured and not having the chance to reach my goal.

Through SRLA, I am trying to gain more self confidence. I don't have much of that but running always makes me feel good about myself and it is something that I know I can do.

SRLA has had a huge impact on my life. It has introduced me to so many new people and has allowed me to focus more and be happier with life. Running has always made me feel so happy and relaxes me, so if I ever had any stress I would run and it make me feel better.

My SRLA family is great! We do everything together and support each other in every way. We also are very motivating and I love running with them. My family life at home is amazing; they support me in every way and give me guidance and their opinion on things in my life.

I have other big goals for this year. I am planning to maintain a 4.0 gpa. Also, hopefully I get into basketball this year. I am also student body president at my school.

I look forward to this season!

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