Benjamin: Going for a Personal Record

Benjamin, a sophomore at Elizabeth Learning Center, is preparing to run his second marathon with Students Run LA.


I joined SRLA was because I wanted to get out of my comfort zone. I wanted to reach new limits that I knew I could reach. What I hope to gain out of this season is to be able to just feel proud about my accomplishment!

I ran my first marathon in March 2018 and am excited about reaching new limits this season and being able to get a personal record!!

SRLA has changed my academic life. I am more concentrated on what is being told to me. Before SRLA, I would forget a lot of stuff that had been told to me. Now, I am starting to remember things like homework or any activities I need to do.

My family is very supportive in what I do. Last season they went to all of my races, including the marathon. Before a race my parents helped me prepare for what I am about to face.

I have set some other goals as well for the year. I plan on being an officer at a club at my school, and am working on becoming a photographer, in and outside of school.

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