Senior Stories: Omar, My Goals are in Reach

Omar, a 2018 SRLA graduate from Magnolia Science High, is excited to attend the University of California, Davis, this fall.SRLA provided him with a community of support that taught him to aim high. Omar shares “My goals are not only big, but in reach.”

My experience in Student Run LA has been great, and a big part of that is the leaders and other students I have had beside me for four years. I have been in groups where it is not smooth and people do not get along well. However, with SRLA at my school I am grateful for having had a supportive group all four years I participated.

They do nothing but support everyone, and I believe support is a strong indication to success. Being involved with this program has been a joy. Apart from the actual running, I can actually talk with my leaders about my future and get their opinions on certain situations in my life.

Throughout my high school and SRLA experience, the group has taught me to aim higher. I was never the person who tried to aim high because I had a fear of disappointment. Running four marathons made me realize that no task is too large. Running is not easy. It requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and mental strength. This is not only helpful in athletics, but I have found a use for it in life.

I have been able to translate the realization of many strengths and perseverance to my academics. I always wanted to go to a university to study, but never had the big goal of a UC school. I thought it would be way out of reach. However, after my first marathon, all I did was work hard and eventually it paid off, as I was accepted to two, and have put myself in a position to succeed. My goals are not only big, but in reach, and it is fair to say that without the program and those in it, I could be in a different situation.

Omar is a 2018 Scholarship recipient. To make a donation to support SRLA students as they learn to set high goals, click here.