Student Marathon Training

Every year, students who participate in SRLA embark on a journey of a lifetime. At the beginning of the school year, students can inquire about joining the program with the SRLA leader at their school. For a list of participating schools, please see Participating Groups. Only students in grades 7-12 are eligible to participate.

The program kicks-off in September and, every month, students participate in community races throughout the greater Los Angeles area. They start with a 5K kick-off event in September and then progress to a 10K, a 15K, two half-marathons, and a 30K. This incremental training program prepares students to run the Los Angeles Marathon in early spring each year.

The SRLA leaders are volunteers who run and train with their students, providing countless opportunities to engage and encourage students. Leaders set the weekly training schedule for their schools, which typically includes a training run three to four times per week after school and on the weekends. For more information, please check with the SRLA leader at your school.

To participate, students must obtain parental permission and receive medical clearance to run. SRLA arranges for a limited number of free physicals. Physicals can also be obtained from a private physician.

Each student is provided a training shirt at the beginning of the season. Once the students have completed some of the early community races and turned in a valid physical, they are provided a free pair of running shoes. Students who stay in the program and complete all mandatory requirements are then eligible to run the Los Angeles Marathon and are given a marathon-day race uniform.