Our Impact

Since 1989, more than 70,000 students have participated in Students Run LA (SRLA). The growth of the program has only increased its success. Each year:

  • More than 95% of the students who start the marathon, finish the full 26.2 mile course.

  • In 2019, more than 560 seniors completed the Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon; 99% of them graduated from high school in June, and 94% of them have plans to go to college. 390+ are first-generation to attend college!

SRLA students participated in a pre and post season survey for the 2018-19 season. For the full report, click here. Comparing results, highlighted below are how their habits changed over time:

Even after the SRLA program ended, 89% of responding students reported being “likely” or “very likely” to continue exercising.

SRLA students incorporated more exercise into their daily lives during the course of the SRLA season.

SRLA Impact on Weekly Exercise.png
SRLA Long-Term Impact on Exercise.png

After training with SRLA, students made better food choices by consuming less fast food and soda and eating more fruits and vegetables. 

SRLA Impact on Healthy Eating.png

Beyond the numbers, students best describe the impact of the SRLA program. Here’s just a few of the things SRLA students have shared:

Student Run Los Angeles pushed my limits physically as well as mentally. Through the hardships, I discovered that I had strength inside of me to keep going and a strong support system. — Tanya, Class of 2019

I’ll hope to do [SRLA] all again next year because despite any pain it has caused it also gave me hope. I know I can finish because I have friends in and out of SRLA that are inspiring me to push and who have helped me step by step to get me where I am today. — Kalel, Class of 2022

Since running, I have been able to rediscover the beauty that life has to offer and its endless possibilities. Now I allow myself to dream and be the best version of myself. — Arely, Class of 2019

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