Senior Stories: Strength and Determination

Ever since I was training for my first marathon in 2013, my leaders would tell me "If you can run the marathon, you can do anything". After I ran my first marathon in 2014, that became my mentality. I created connections with my leaders and they taught me more than just science or math. My teacher, Mr. Beas in 7th grade, taught me what true strength was. I admired him and his collection of medals. From mud runs to Spartan Runs, he taught me that true strength doesn't come from running fast or being strong but from that determination to keep running. It is that strength that has allowed me to run 26.2 miles. It was also that strength that pushed me throughout high school. I wanted to do so many activities going into high school. I joined volleyball and ASB. However, I was unable to do them all at once. I had to sacrifice my time in SRLA to help coach the girls' volleyball team in my 11th grade. However, I was unsatisfied in only doing one. I wanted to do both activities. I knew I had to change if I did. Senior year was challenging. I had to learn how to manage my time. I juggled being a student and being an athlete. The girls' volleyball games overlapped SRLA practices. I also joined Cross Country for senior year. I would run every day of the week and rest weekends. I learned how to manage my time at school and learned how to talk to my teachers to create schedules for make-ups. SRLA allowed me to better prepare myself for college and it taught me that true strength comes from never giving up.

Christian Martinez-Garcia will attend Macalster College this fall with a 2019 SRLA Scholarship to help him achieve his academic dreams. Christian is also the recipient of a special $500 Honda Dream Scholarship. American Honda, in recognition of its 60th Anniversary and partnership with Students Run LA, awarded 45 SRLA students who applied for the Honda Dream Scholarship a special one-time $500 scholarship this year.

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