Family, It's a Running Thing

Written by SRLA Leader Martin Barajas from Carson High School:

Family, it’s a running thing

Two time marathon finisher Alexia Santos, is another example of the effect SRLA family has on students, not only to challenge and believe in themselves but to share their experience and pass it on. 

Alexa’s first marathon was not easy for her as she didn’t have the fastest times and her knee injuries made it challenging for her.  However with training and commitment she completed her first marathon. Truly didn’t think she would be back for another season. 

This season, not only did Alexa come back, she brought a posee of family members; her sisters Yailanis, Nayeli and her cousin Joy along with their grandmother Josefina, who followed them on her bike with very mile ran by the runners.  When the call went out for parent support. Alexa’s mother came out in full support to provide drinks and snacks at every race and practice.  Running does become a family thing, it is contagious to run and be there to support your family members who set out to complete what less than one percent of the U.S. population accomplish.

Alexa’s family members had running issues and with training and rest learned to overcome them.  Alexa once again struggled and this time the weekend of the marathon came down with a severe flu that would take her out of completing her second marathon.  Received a call from her mother saying she was in urgent care and would not be coming in the morning.  Sunday morning as we are doing roll call Alexa shows up in her SRLA uniform, our first thoughts were she came to show support for her sisters, cousin and the team.  She asked for her numbered bib and we said to her, “you’re sick you can’t run”. Her humble response was, “I’m going to walk it and I won’t over do things if I can’t complete my mom will stay with me and take me home”. 

Alexia did complete her marathon, walking with her mom by her side to the finish line.  This was a surprise to the coaching team that she finished but then again this is what the SRLA program is all about empowering students to believe in themselves and challenging their minds and bodies to complete what they commit to.  

We are expecting the Santos family back for more miles and smiles next Marathon season. 

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