Christopher: Accomplishing the Impossible


I’m Christopher, a high school senior, and I run by part of Hawthorne High School SRLA. The 2019 Los Angeles Marathon was my first marathon.

Before SRLA I had the mindset of running was never thought about and it was never in my agenda but I needed a distraction, a commitment, and an objective that people thought was impossible. Joining SRLA made an impact towards me being able to relieve stress and it’s been great these past months and been able to succeed with the better changes.

Apart from that I’ve lost a lot of weight. When I had joined SRLAI needed to get a physical to stay in the program so I had done two physicals. One was in October and one was in November. Within the one month gap I had lost 30 pounds and it’s crazy because I didn’t believe it. So I thank you SRLA for having such program and leaders to push for what I knew before as the impossible.

After losing weight I have felt more confidence within myself and I have more courage with tasks. Losing weight also introduced me to different possibilities as in running being able to run all these miles and enjoy what I do (P.S> I had to buy new pants because I couldn’t wear pants without a belt or adding extra holes to my belt).

Apart from the weight loss I also am accomplishing what people think is the impossible, what people say is not possible to finish, but I am the one able to do. I also notice the sense of my determination not giving up and keeping these goals in place.