Tori: I’m a Marathoner!

Ever since I was in 6th grade I wanted to do SRLA because I was inspired by my brother. I thought it was amazing that someone could push through 26.2 miles and that all of the people on your team were great to be around and bond with.

Now that I have ran with the team for two years, I have discovered so many other benefits from running. I have found that I feel healthier and less stressed because I have a healthy outlet to let everything out. Especially as a sophomore, I have found that I really needed the outlet this year. SRLA also helps me build self confidence and in a way forces me to eat healthier.

After running the marathon, I know within myself that I can do great things. This is by far my greatest accomplishment. After what I have done, I now want to finish everything I have started. I have the opportunity to push my body to its full capacity, knowing that I should not take my health for granted. I am pushing to use those “higher gears” both physically and mentally. The program digs the strength out of you that you never knew you had, and has helped me develop a very valuable mindset and sense of self. I am glad I understand the pain and the challenge that runners face. Now, I can support them better because I am a runner.

Being in SRLA also provides amazing experiences unlike any other. You bond with people who you may have never spoken to otherwise, become a healthier person, and get to run through the great city of Los Angeles. It feels good to make my family proud, but more importantly I am proud of myself. There is something to be proud of. I know that I am not a typical student—I am a marathoner.

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