Racine: There is Nothing Like SRLA

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My name is Racine and I am a senior at Dorsey High School. This is my fourth year being part of the Students Run LA family. I had always wanted to run a marathon but I never had the chance or knew how it worked. When I heard about SRLA I knew it was my opportunity to run a marathon and not have to worry about paying for it. Plus, it included all of the other great things SRLA has to offer.

Throughout my four years of running with SRLA I have learned a lot. I learned to believe in myself, to take care of others, and to never give up. I also learned to always finish what you start and that if I can complete a marathon (26.2miles) I can do anything I set my mind to. The most valuable thing I have gained has been leadership skills.

I became the captain of my school’s SRLA team while still a sophomore. Being a captain with a team full of juniors and seniors was not easy but my coach and fellow teammates were really supportive. I enjoy the role of being a captain because through it I learned to compromise when disagreements arise. While captain of my team, I have learned the importance of being able to communicate with other people in a professional setting.

This year my younger sister joined SRLA. I feel proud having my sister as part of my SRLA family because she looks up to me and I feel like SRLA is the best fit for her. Having my sister on the team did make this season a little different because it makes me try to be even harder so that I can push her to try harder as well. While I am the first in my family to run with SRLA, I think more of my siblings will join when they get to high school because they look up to me.

I have participated in many sports programs including cross country, track and field, soccer, swimming, and basketball but there is nothing like SRLA. I do not get the same support from any other sport as I do from SRLA. In SRLA we support each other on and off the course, which is different from other sports where we are friends during the sport but do not know each other outside of the program.

The SRLA program does not just to get people running but supports them in their life goals and dreams. My goal is to major in mechanical engineering in college. Ms. Christine Pajak, the Associate Director at the SRLA office, helped me get into an engineering program called “Tiger Woods High School Summer Program” after learning that I am interested in engineering. This is just one out of many examples of what the SRLA program has done for me.

My coach Mr. Sheehan is more than just a running coach to me. He helps me physically, academically, and mentally. He makes sure that I am on track, keep my grades up, and is always there to support me. I am really grateful of this program. After I graduate from high school I want to volunteer with SRLA and continue my legacy of doing the LA Marathon every year.

To support Racine and his teammates on their journey to the finish line make a donation today. All donations during the month of March will be matched dollar for dollar by the SRLA board. Don’t miss your chance to double your impact today!