Alexa: My Family is a Running Family

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Alexa is a ninth grader at Harbor Teacher Prep. This year, she is training for her second marathon with Students Run LA.

I decided to come back and train with SRLA for one more year because I understood at the end of the SRLA season last year how impactful this program was for me. I not only felt better about myself, but I was able to accomplish a goal I thought was impossible. With the help of my coach (my dad), and following the SRLA training plan I finished the 2018 Los Angeles Marathon.

This year I am dedicated as well as excited to prove to myself that I can finish the Marathon in a better time. In my first marathon, my goal was to finish. Now, I want to improve my time and overall experience. In the process of training I also realized that running helps me with academics. While on runs, I think about my assignments like algebra functions that I don't fully understand in class. When looking at the SRLA Instagram page, I saw the medal series for this season. Seeing the medals made me motivated to run because I want to collect them all.

The one thing that makes me nervous this season is the 18 mile race, because there's nothing “friendly” about that race. It was difficult for me to see the light at the end of the dam last year.

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Running helps me organize my thoughts and study for classes. For example, when I have an essay due I format it while I'm running, so when I get home the words come out fluently. By the end of the semester I want to have a A in Biology, because it is a subject I struggle in.

I guess you could say my family is a running family, because my sister and my father both run and train with SRLA. My father is a leader at Carson High School, and my sister trains with Carson High SRLA.

My father and sister are training with Carson High School's SRLA team. My sister is training for her 3rd marathon, my father has done so many I lost track. I am looking forward to finishing the Marathon with my sister who is also doing SRLA. My father is a role model not only because he runs marathons, but because he helps others achieve the same goal.

I look forward to running with HTPA, because this is a really chill group. My best friend Isabela is running this year, which is exciting because we will we be completing a marathon together.

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