Michael: A Taste of Self-Accomplishment

Running with Students Run LA has been a life changing experience. Over my many years of running I have made some lifelong friends and I learned how to push myself past my limits, not just with running but with anything in life.

I recall a time when I was struggling to keep my grade up for my science class in school because the work had gotten a lot more difficult… but then I remembered how I felt during the Marathon; I was exhausted both mentally and physically but I didn’t stop! I kept on pushing until I crossed that finish line. This helped me realize that nothing in life is easy; however, if you push yourself you can accomplish anything you set your mind to and guess what happened? I passed the class with an A.

SRLA is really a brilliant program that mentally and physically changes you and gives you a taste of self-accomplishment. While I was running this Marathon I was thinking about all of my friends and I wondered how they were doing and what time they would be done. I also wondered if my friends felt the same pain that I was feeling that day.

After finishing the Marathon I was excited but I was also sad because this was my last marathon with SRLA. I am thankful for the experiences and friends that I have gained throughout my past five years with Students Run Los Angeles. I know for a fact that these memories will be with me for many years to come and I know that I will continue to run and push myself every day that I can because I love the thrill.

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