Bryan: Memories to Cherish Forever

After being in SRLA for three years, I felt like this year was one of my greatest years. I joined SRLA because I wanted a major test of strength and I felt like the LA Marathon was the test for my true ability. SRLA not only helped me with my fitness, but also with my social life including making friends and memories to cherish forever.

SRLA has taught me many things; endurance, determination, and patience. These traits helped me throughout the whole SRLA season, especially in the LA Marathon. Patience was very important while I was running and helped make sure I wasn’t frustrated. I also had to be strong and have a lot of endurance to achieve the time I did. It took a lot of effort and determination to train hard and go to every practice.

Starting off with the first few SRLA races, I knew that it was going to be a great season. I got faster times on every single race as we progressed throughout the season. I was very happy because not only did I set a personal record at every race, but the support of my teammates helped me to not give up when things were getting tough.

At the start of the Marathon I was nervous because I felt a slight pain in my leg. During the marathon I felt scared because I thought I was going to start walking because of the pain in my leg, but my family and friends were on the course giving me support. At Mile 21 my dad saw me in pain and decided to run with me those last miles to keep me motivated to keep going. When I finished the LA Marathon I thought to myself, “Wow I really just finished my fourth marathon in a row.” I was proud of myself because I knew that I could do it again and conquer the LA Marathon once again. What was different about this marathon than the past three years was that I was much more prepared mentally and I knew what to expect before hand.

Running the LA Marathon with SRLA has helped me realize that I can achieve what I set out to. I want to thank SRLA for these memories and many to come.

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