Alumni Feature: Meet Erika!

Q: Where did you run with Students Run LA? What years did you participate? Who were your leaders?

A: I trained in the San Fernando Valley in Woodland Hills. I participated in one Los Angeles Marathon and ran many other races with SRLA.

Q: Why did you join SRLA?

A: My good friend (who I am still friends with today) recommended that I join. I am so thankful that she encouraged me to do so

Q: Do you remember what training was like as a SRLA participant? Do you have a favorite SRLA memory?

A: It was challenging, but rewarding. My favorite memories were crossing the finish lines, training with friends, and all the support from the organization and spectators.

Q: Do you remember any specific challenges training as a student?

A: Training is time-consuming, but it was well-worth the time and energy I put into it.

Q: What are you doing now?

A: I am a lawyer, practicing employment defense law in Downtown Los Angeles.

Q: What lessons did you learn in SRLA that you still use today, if any?

A: To never give up, to persevere through the challenges, and to believe in myself.

Q: Do you still run?

A: Yes, but not as often. I take workout classes that incorporate running. The last marathon I ran was the Tel Aviv, Israel marathon in 2011.

Q: Do you have any advice for current SRLA students, related to life and or running?

A: Running marathons and long races may seem challenging at first, but it is so rewarding and so doable. I would advise SRLA students to persevere through the challenges and to appreciate the amazing organization. The same advice applies to life. Life is not always easy, but wake up every morning and be grateful for what you have, and when you are faced with challenges, embrace those challenges, recognizing that they will make you stronger.

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