Alumni Feature: Meet David!


Q: Where did you run with Students Run LA? What years did you participate? Who were your leaders?

A: I ran with Bell High School for the 2016 and 2017 marathons. My leader was Gabriel Sanchez.

Q: Why did you join SRLA?

A: I joined because I wanted to challenge myself both mentally and physically.

Q: Do you remember what training was like as a SRLA participant? Do you have a favorite SRLA memory?

A: I remember the long runs on Saturday mornings and how I would feel tired, but great afterwards. My favorite SRLA memory was running with my friends during the long runs as we all kept each other going until we were finished.

Q: Do you remember any specific challenges training as a student?

A: A specific challenge was getting through the long runs because quitting always seemed easier, but my perseverance and determination kept me going all the way through. Another challenge was waking up early to run on Saturday mornings, but I always reminded myself that I started this for a reason and I couldn’t give up.

Q: What are you doing now?

A: I am a college freshman and an athlete, running Cross Country and Track, at Whittier College.

Q: What lessons did you learn in SRLA that you still use today, if any?

A: I learned that anything is possible if I put my mind and heart to it. I also learned that having support, through friends, is essential to success. Another lesson I learned was that no matter what, you should never give up on your goals and dreams.

Q: Do you have any advice for current SRLA students, related to life and or running?

A: It’s not always about being better than someone else, it’s about being better than the person you were before.

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