Student & Alumni Quotes

How SRLA Changes Students’ Lives

Running the marathon did not consist of having the strongest legs, but having the strongest mind.  I learned nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself and you work hard for it.


I knew that the SRLA believes in each runner, but most importantly I started believing in myself. Now I know that any challenge in life can be achieved with dedication, determination, and believing in myself.


Running kept me in shape, lowered my high cholesterol, distracted me from my personal problems, and best of all helped me accomplish my long term goals like running a marathon


Through my participation of the marathon…I have developed an unbreakable connection with my community.


I can say I have visited Los Angeles, a beautiful city with amazingly helpful people.  Now I love going out and running has helped me physically and emotionally.


How SRLA Promotes Education and Graduation

If I can complete a marathon, graduating will be a piece of cake.


The thought of going to college was a dream that I never thought would be possible.  However my SRLA experience has led me to believe that college can be a reality and that the future is full of promise. I’m ready…I’ve got my running shoes on…I’m going the distance.


Using the determination I had when completing the marathon I now use it to graduate from high school .


Before meeting my amazing leaders, teammates, and new friends I had no intentions of getting a higher education other than high school.  I was actually too busy stressing out in how would I be able to help my family financially.  After joining SRLA and throughout completing all six LA Marathons, my teammates, leaders and friends had told me that going to college would really help my family…Thanks to every one of them and my experiences with SRLA I plan to go to Cerritos College and transfer to Cal State Long Beach.


Before joining Students Run LA I pictured my life different.  After finishing high school, I thought of getting a job and keep on going with my education by attending a community college.  Numerous times college was the topic in our conversation within runners and Leaders.  In one of the conversations, I told my leader my plans after high school…His words were “You are a smart kid.  After the marathon you would feel you can accomplish anything.”  These words…made me want to apply to a California State University.


How SRLA Keeps Students Out Of Trouble

Students Run LA has been a great support in my life because I have used my training as a guiding light on the highway of my life to keep me away from drugs, gangs, and addictions. Running and (the) clarity that it gives my mind have inspired me to be a productive member of my family and society.


Running would relax me and take problems I had off my mind.


(SRLA) has influenced me to go to school and become a role model in my community after I graduate from college. I want to develop more programs like SRLA for students who are on the borderline of becoming gang members


My favorite thing about running is that I am able to buffer out any outside problems I have and just run .


How SRLA Helps Students Improve Their Health

After being part of Students Run LA for 2 years, I have been able to live a healthier life style and it has given me the opportunity to influence my younger brother on the importance of exercise and healthier food choices at a really young age.


I weighed more back then and SRLA has transformed me into a more healthy and responsible human being. This made my parents proud .


Before Students Run LA came into my life, I was an unhealthy eater. Like many teens I spent a lot of my time eating junk food.  I never ate vegetables because I found their taste disgusting. Even though I enjoyed eating fruits because of their taste, I would reach for the greasy potato chips which were more accessible to me… I never drank water because I found its taste bland.  Worst of all I would normally not eat anything until late afternoons. I was such a bad eater that I got to the point where I had anemia…I knew I couldn’t keep the same dietary habits if I were to train for the marathon…I started eating earlier every day. I would bring my own lunch from home which included fruits. I also started drinking more water and surprisingly it started to taste better. Now, water is pretty much all I drink. My change in dietary habits actually helped my anemia go away…I decided that running was something I wanted to do even after I left high school and Students Run LA .


How The SRLA Leaders Have Tremendous Impact on SRLA Students

“(M)y team leader is a constant inspiration as he tells me stories of many successful students who came from my high school and have made it to the best universities in the nation.


I was fortunate to have amazing coaches who have done the same by always encouraging me to take chances and have told me that my hard work would pay off one day.  Their encouraging words and amazing advice has assured me that I will be someone someday.  It was because they all believed in me that I believed in myself and challenged myself in everything, especially in school.  I owe it to them for how far I have come and how far I will go with my future.


In 2010, when I began training for the 2011 Marathon, 26.2 miles seemed like an impossible task to do.  However, the leaders helped us look at things step by step rather than just 26.2 miles.  What began as an unimaginable challenge became a wonderful accomplishment.  I plan to take this same mind set when going to college.


My leader, Mr. Mike Smith, has been a great motivation to continue in the program and pursue a higher education


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