The 2015  SRLA Senior Scholarships To be Awarded Soon

The application process for the 2014-2015 senior scholarship program is now closed.  Each application will be read and evaluated by at least 4 independent Readers from within and outside of Students Run LA.  Students will be notified of the results by May 15th.  Each award brings with it a $500 payment made to the student’s school of choice.  Good luck to all the current applicants.


SRLA Scholarship Program

SRLA makes available to graduating seniors a limited number of $500 scholarships, payable directly to the school of enrollment, for post-high school education in two- or four-year colleges, trade schools, or fine arts programs. To qualify, students must graduate from high school in the current program year, participate in the ASICS LA Marathon and pass the state CAHSEE exam. Specific requirements for eligibility do apply. Applications are available through the Marathon Leaders and on the Students Run LA Student HQ page at

In May 2014, Students Run LA was was pleased to be able to award scholarships to 103 of its graduating seniors who took part in the 2013-2014 marathon season.  These students not only represent the best of their schools, but they have achieved an elite status—completing a 26.2-mile marathon, a feat accomplished by only a fraction of the population.  This achievement requires resolve, perseverance, focus and determination, all qualities required to find success at college or university.  These same inner qualities discovered by our students through their efforts in SRLA will carry them far.  Their words best describe SRLA’s impact:

Rhys at Eagle Rock High School wrote, “After joining SRLA I began to feel more confident about myself, because of my newfound discipline, and also felt that if I could run 4 marathons, I definitely could complete 4 years of academics at a university.”

Cynthia at Hollywood High School wrote, “I look at the marathon being my education. It takes effort and a lot of hard work to get to the next mile but I do it because I know that I can. Same with education. I’m finishing high school but I know that I can go and reach the next step, college.”

Jesus at Santee Education Complex wrote, “When I attend college in the fall and the going gets tough – I will remember the challenges of my tough SRLA training experience – and the marathon itself – to get me through.”

It is with pride in their accomplishments and excitement for their future possibilities that we offered each of these students a $500 scholarship for use in college or university.

The recipients of our scholarships graduated from 49 different high schools over the Greater Los Angeles area, and will attend 44 separate colleges or universities from California to New England.  With the start of school, SRLA students will be seen dashing to class at many campuses of the University of California system, the California State University system and Community College system, and several Ivy League universities as well.

However, these scholarships could not happen without the tremendous support and generosity of various foundations and individuals who specifically fund the scholarship program. These scholarships are made possible by generous contributions from Albert and Elaine Borchard Foundation, Inc., Grant Davies Memorial Fund, the Ella Fitzgerald Charitable Foundation, Larry Rawson, Renee Mancuso, the Sidney Stern Memorial Trust, the Simon Strauss Foundation, the Sterling-Dorman Foundation, Union Bank and are funded in part by a grant from The California Wellness Foundation.

It is with gratitude and appreciation for this support, that 100 students will have the opportunity to realize their dreams of going to college.


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